To effectively address the challenges facing our youth will require the support and commitment of an engaged community. However, our community cannot effectively engage without actionable knowledge of the current challenges and needs of students, and our community cannot help move our students forward without a shared vision for the future.


MAEF serves as a convener of our community to put children first in the development of a shared vision for youth success. MAEF will collect the voice of our broader community, present data on our current needs and challenges in a transparent way, and inspire a sense of possibility by sharing best practices from local, national, and international perspectives.


Broad community engagement will be provided throughout Mobile County. Leadership accountability and strategic focus will be provided through the Youth Success Partnership (YSP)- Identified area leaders, educators, and students. I-Lead Youth Network: In 2023, MAEF, in partnership with the Mobile County Commission and City of Mobile Parks and Recreation convened over 300 youth from public and private schools across Mobile to cast their vision for the future of Mobile where youth truly thrive. This initial I-Lead Youth Summit has morphed into a sustained network of youth across Mobile County who are developing a community Blueprint for Youth Success that will inform the broader community engagement efforts. To further engage, we will conduct learning forums that will address the needs identified in the community blueprint and provided necessary training to ensure implementation.